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The power of music.. friendship.. and a great song. The Writer


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The Writer (G Koehler)

Performed by: Garry Koehler; Kevin Bennett; Allan Caswell; Luke O’Shea; Kelly Cork; Brad Butcher; Michael Waugh; Sarah Koehler; Sam Maddison; Craig Lamond; Michael Bryers;

The power of music.. friendship.. and a great song.

Everything begins with an idea…

an idea to do something for a wonderful human.. Garry Koehler.

The highly respected, award winning, singer songwriter from The Bobkatz has been facing some tough times in recent years.

Two friends decided they wanted to do something to keep his spirits high, and remind him how appreciated and loved he really is.

A few phone calls later and some of Australias most respected singers and songwriters were lining up to be a part of this beautiful idea.

The result is “The Writer”…

a new recording of one of Garry’s amazing songs, performed by a group of friends. It’s not surprising that when something comes so much from the heart, coupled with the talents of those involved..

The result.. is amazing.


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