The Writer

The power of music.. friendship..
and a great song.


Everything begins with an idea...

an idea to do something for a wonderful human..
Garry Koehler.

The highly respected, award winning, singer songwriter from The Bobkatz has been facing some tough times in recent years.

Two friends decided they wanted to do something to keep his spirits high, and remind him how appreciated and loved he really is.

A few phone calls later and some of Australias most respected singers and songwriters were lining up to be a part of this beautiful idea.

The result is "The Writer"...
a new recording of one of Garry's amazing songs, performed by a group of friends. It's not surprising that when something comes so much from the heart, coupled with the talents of those involved..

The result.. is amazing.


The Writer Project is and will always be a gift...

A gift for Gaz, from all of his friends.

Following discussions with Gaz and with his blessing, it has been decided to release the song and make it available to the public.

All proceeds from the sale of the song will go to "Support Act" a uniquely Australian charity, helping artists and music workers who are facing hardship due to illness, injury or some other crisis that impacts on their ability to work in music.




The Writer Video

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The Writer

How many times has a songwriter made the hair stand up on the back of your neck and painted those pictures in your head of things old and new?
This is the story of a tribute to a songwriter that has truly gone full circle.

The talented and well-known friends of Garry Koehler (The BobKatz) have come together with an epic collaboration singing back to him a song he wrote called ‘The Writer.’

Gaz has been battling cancer for the past two years. “I had 33 radiation treatments, which seemed to have worked well, then it resurfaced, so went to chemo, unfortunately had a brain seizure at Christmas, but scans showed chemo had definitely worked. Then subsequent scans showed a return, so another line of chemo is currently happening,” an optimistic Gaz explains.

The Writer is a song The BobKatz previously released and is ultimately a dedication to the power of lyrics and the person who writes them. This new recording is simply a gift to Gaz. The renowned vocalists who lend their voices include Kevin Bennett, Allan Caswell, Luke O’Shea, Kelly Cork, Brad Butcher, Michael Waugh, Sarah Koehler, Sam Maddison, Craig Lamond and Michael Bryers. Tex Austin added the drums and it was mixed by Jason Millhouse.

The BobKatz are a duo consisting of Gaz and his talented producer and multi-instrumentalist partner in crime Robert Mackay. Rob was indeed the driving force behind the project for his best mate. “I’ve worked with Garry for 20 years so this means a lot to me on a variety of fronts. It’s a testimony to his great song writing, the respect and fellow ship of his peers in the music biz and a testimony to a truly humble, talented and wonderful man.” Rob also sang on the track including a touching finish where he changes the words to the original.
The voices were recorded in studios all over Australia. “In theory it was quite a challenge and in practice, it fell into place very easily I suspect from the respect out there for Gaz among those who participated,” Rob explains. “I shared the 'hard decisions’ with Scott Lamond (project instigator and co producer) and we found a beautiful blend of all artists involved and some unintentional "magic moments.” The emotional music video was edited and beautifully produced by Michael Bryers and includes a brief scene from the original clip.

Gaz watched the clip for the first time on a laptop in his kitchen surrounded by family and close mates. “The Writer project is beyond description for me. To have these amazing friends give their time and respect to me and one of my little old songs, just flaws me. I look up to all of these people, some have been a huge influence on me as a songwriter, all have shown me such love and support in a low point of my life, which has just lifted me to be positive and helped make me a better person. I just love them all so much, and when you get a close look at your own mortality, you need to tell the people that matter, that you really do love them. No good taking that kind of stuff with you, unsaid.”

Nine time Golden Guitar winner Luke O’Shea didn’t hesitate to be involved. “It’s a small but loving family this songwriters clan. We are cast to the four winds but draw great joy and inspiration from each other - especially when we hear of a mighty new song or an album or a success of some sort. However, as with life - we all ride the highs and lows, ebbs, flows and when one of us falls (as we all eventually do) -we do as all families do and rally,” O’Shea describes. “We rally to surround the person with the same light, respect and inspiration they have given to us - so hopefully they know - on a very deep level - whatever the outcome - that they are appreciated and loved!”

As Brad Butcher prepares for his latest album release he reflects on the honour it was to be involved. “Garry Koehler every day. He’s cut from a unique ilk and I was very proud to be invited to be apart of this project to show our love and support of our great friend and master songwriter.”